To maintain the fertility of the soil by releasing nutritional matter into it, to make the plants healthy so they are resilient to disease and parasites, to produce the highest quality product possible.

The biodynamic approach was developed by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, in the 1920s and since then biodynamic agriculture has set itself the task of restoring plants and the soil to their natural equilibrium, so they can express themselves at their best.

The conservation of the vitality

The conservation of the vitality and productivity of the soil depends inseparably on the close relationship between the sky and the earth, mutually influencing each other by cosmic and lunar rhythms.
By limiting external intervention as much as possible and promoting biodiversity, it is possible to obtain unique and unrepeatable products that are the pure expression of their place of origin, being healthy and natural.


Demeter certification was launched in 1927 to distinguish biodynamic farming products as a new way of perceiving, thinking and collaborating with the forces of Nature.
All European biodynamic enterprises are subject to control for conformity with Council Regulation (CE) no. 834/2007 for organic farming, as well as with the more restrictive and specific standards of the Demeter Italy body, guaranteeing greater safety for consumers.

“Wine is a nectar of love, the utmost manifestation of the life force”

Sensitive cristallisation

The copper chloride sensitive crystallisation of foods, water, raw or processed herbs, of biodynamic preparations, etc. thanks to the appearance of the single sample image with that of the form-type of food (the “ideal” image generated by the food) highlights the quality objectively and reproducibly.
Products cultivated in harmony and balance between the polarities of the forces of growth and maturity give images that look very much like the typical form.