Organic Vegan Wines


The Antica Tenuta Pietramore winery produces wines made according to the rules of organic vegan farming

The vines are grown with full regard for natural balances and organic farming.

Fertilisation also takes place using the “green manure” technique with leguminous plants. These plants are left to grow between the rows as they give the vines the right nutrition, without needing to resort to the addition of chemicals. This method therefore not only makes use of elements that are totally organic in origin but is also completely zero kilometres. The practice, which complies with the principles of organic farming, retraces the age-old techniques used by Italian peasant farmers who have always had the utmost regard for the vineyard ecosystem.

Growing grapes and subsequently processing them according to organic vegan farming principles represents the need to generate a production that responds more and more to an ethical choice that puts the accent on the utmost regard for the environment and nature, in all its many aspects.
The Antica Tenuta Pietramora has subscribed to the production philosophy of biodynamic farming, taking the decision to comply fully with the principles of veganism and so embarking upon a wine production with strong eco-sustainable connotations. For the owners of the winery it is essential to make wine with full regard for the environment and its balances, especially today given the serious issues of a climatic, nutritional and environmental nature that afflict planet Earth.